Yang second chance

On a night, one of men from past asking me.

Him : If I, come back to jogja for you, will you give me a second chance?

Me : Second chance for what?

Him : For.. starting a relationship with you, again.

Me : Lol, You not using your first chance yet

Him : I’m sorry, for the past..

Me : Will you leave me again?

Him : May I ask you? Do you love me?

Me : Do you love me? 😉

Him : Cheater! I ask you first :p

Me : I only love someone who love me. Do you love me?

Him : I don’t know. I’m.. confuse, lol. You know, the reason why I’m afraid to made relationship with you in past always comes up, questioning me. I’m not sure, but I want, and I will go back to Jogja, if you’re there. If you accept me again, if you.. giving me the second chance..

Me : Honey, a relationship should made because two person have same feeling. Not one person had and others only enjoying it. I appreciate and opening my heart, letting everybody to love me. You know me, I hate something uncertain, I want everything certain, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it only have to under control. MY control. You know me, I am selfish, childish and stubborn, I need somebody who can lead me to the “right-path”. Not somebody to play around, it will make us have a cat fight that we already had in the past, and you know, it isn’t cool. You know me, I’m easily loving some one, I am easily giving my heart to someone who said “I love you” to me. And you know it always easily tear apart. I hate to be sad..

Him : You can’t forgive me, right 😦

Me : I’m not saying 😀 if you want to go back here, and for me, its okay, you always own my heart. But I don’t want to trapped under “uncertainty” with you, again. It should be clear, it HAS TO be clear. What do you want, what kind of relationship we want. Your turn to decide, I can’t decide again. I can’t have a relationship with somebody who doesn’t know his feeling to me 🙂

Him : Mind if I take time, again, to think? I’m sorry, for anything.. I’m sorry…

Him signed out

*Offline Message*

Me : Nothing to be sorry. I’m not waiting anyway 🙂 Don’t think to much, it’s not that hard to make a decision on this.

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