Yang Transformer 2

When I watch Transformer 1 about 2 years ago, I should admit that I scream in the theater because I adore the effect, the story, the effect (oops, already mention it). And I expect the same thing when I watch Transformer 2. It takes 2 days from premiere day, all ticked sold out, you should queuing 2 hours to get the last time that day.

I don’t want to tell you the story 😛 I won’t spoiling, but this is what I thought after 147 minutes inside that cold dark studio (hey, it is supposed to dark, stupid choro) watching transformer 2 is like back on our childhood. Well, my childhood actually :p I was raised in “Power Rangers Era”, you know, middle 90-ies  when almost television play their childhood hero, Black Masked Rider, Power Ranger, VR, Jiraiya, Gundam, and you cant point all sentai hero that time.

Transformer 2 is all boys ever wanted (boys, not MAN ;p) heroic human, protecting the earth, controlling the key of the protector of earth, wars, the tank-and-helicopter-and-missile-and-everything-it-takes-to-protect-you-because-you-are-the-only-hope-of-earth-to-stand-still, alien, wars (again :p), I giggled all the time when I watch this. I coming back to my childhoooooooooddddd,, yaaaayy~

I don’t say I loved it, yet can’t say I hate this movie, my friend alle and Mr. Yahya said this movie is boring, too fast, too much action so we can’t enjoy the moment of the fighting. But nico says, this movie is great with great graphic and great action. Well, I personally enjoy the graphic, no doubt it is great, who can say no? But my personal opinion, this movie is sucks in building character, it supposed to be funny, but only for five minutes? A mom character who won’t let his only one boy leave suddenly became too strong in the end? And asking her dad to let him go to protect the earth and sacrificing his-own-the-only-one-son soul?

The plot is unrealistic, it is just silly, the decepticon has infrared or whatsoevertheyshoulcalleditintheireye sight, they can look through, they can “sense” the movement, but still get tricked by sam hiding in pilar? or some house?? Really?

Aggh,, shut my mouth, shut my mouth! I started to spoiled it.

Okay okay, lets end this post. Transformer 2 is a classic movie (you know, like the hero is looks like failed but in the power of leadership, heroic and brave, they can make it better and rightness always win :D) with classic action (protecting the earth, struggling to safe the power to destroy earth, fusion of robots, ou yeah, I want to yell “go go power rangers!” when I watch the fusion) in superb cgi. It is beautiful, nice looking, satisfying your eye, but not your brain. You don’t need to think in this movie, all you need is enjoy, and flashback to older memories, welcome to power rangers era 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yang Transformer 2

  1. Haha.. Kan dah dibilang ini film bwt anak kecil (kecuali si Mikaela yang wow bgt bwt org dewasa)..

    Aku jg heran dgn animo org2. Sampe bela2in antre.. (Aku dpt tiket g pke ngantre, gratis pulak, hehehe)..

    Aku enjoy dgn film ini krn espektasiku biasa2 aja dan cm pgn cari hiburan. 😀

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