Yang Kebahagiaan Kecil

Once upon a time in a country far far away
a boy lived, very different from all the others.
His name was Eftichis.
Everything ran smoothly in his life until one day,
many many years ago an incident made him…
see life from a different perspective.

And then, a big secret was revealed.
The solution to a riddle,
that humans have been trying to solve for centuries now.
He discovered the meaning of life.
He now knows.. that happiness is nothing more than moments,
small and invisible moments.

Like when someone covers you up at night.
Waking up to a sparrow’s song, on fresh-smelling clean sheets, next to someone you love.
Touching them, smelling them.
Feeling the warm water dropping on your face.
Your house smelling of freshly-baked cake.
Holding a warm cup when it’s cold outside.
Cutting a lemon from your tree.
Feeling the fresh winter breeze brushing your face.
Feeling light and empty of thoughts, in total calmnesss. Under the water.
To keep doing things you did when you were young.
When everyone is running under their umbrellas, you are standing in the rain.
Walking barefoot on wet grass.
Taking a baloon out for a walk.
Believing things that cannot be explained, that a ladybird is a good sign.
To have no fear.
Doing things that do not suit your age.
Hearing the waves hit the shore.
Feeling the earth under your feet.
Thingking of nothing.
Someone whispering a secret to you.
Watching the sunset…

even when others know…

that you can’t see it…

This video is beautifully sad.. Touching with their colors. But helping me to smile 🙂

Have you thanked to God today? 😉

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