Yang The Thing Called God

I was thinking…
that perhaps this thing called God does not exist.

Because He cannot save any one of us
No matter how we pray, He doesn’t mend our wounds
No matter how we plead, He doesn’t strike down our enemies
There hasn’t even been an instance where He has cured our sick
Powerless, we can only wait to be tossed on dirt of a foreign land
He doesn’t have a thread of spiritual presence
If only there were a shadow, a whisper. But I haven’t felt Him once.

… and so…

… So, What is it that you want now?

… perhaps,

a demon?


~taken from Giglio.


3 thoughts on “Yang The Thing Called God

  1. God does exist 🙂
    He knows you well even before u were born,
    He even knows when ure sad, when ure faking ur face in front of people,
    He knows u well, He knows u even than u know urself
    U’re alive, until now, is the blessing from God.
    He cares each and every individuals on earth, not to mention He took care of the flowers that dressed up freaking beautiful in the garden,
    Not to mention He arrange every cells in a single types of an animal, that enabled them to survive on this planet.
    The sufferings, the miseries, the pain that u’re experiencing now is not God who causes this.. (as it is said on bible, James 1:13)
    its the work of the devil as he controls the earth (1 John 5:19)
    it because of our imperfection, its because of the wrong time and place (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

    He WILL remove all of this SUFFERINGS, PAINS, MISERIES, etc. when the time comes 🙂
    Sometimes its not that He dont have any ear or heart to listen to our prayers, sometimes its either “not yet” or “this is the best for u” 🙂

    Keep on ur faith and seek God every time (Mathew 6:33) He listens..
    Be grateful and thank God for all u’ve got till’ today 🙂
    God bless!

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